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Examples of the "time bending" capabilities of MagicBrad...

"If time was money, we would all have the same amount." - BRAD MagicBrad GUDIM

  • Where are Home Owners seeking Home Improvements?

    He accelerated the growth of a Home Improvement Exposition company with strategic geographic targeting for the marketplace. In hind-sight it's common sense.

  • JawDroppers Magic Video Infomercial

    The project that was the most fun ever, was being assistant to actor, spokesperson and magician, Larry Anderson in the creation of the JawDroppers video series on how to do magic!

  • Prevented loss of millions in less than 60 seconds!

    While on contract with a large computer company, he prevented the loss of millions with a simple change of a part number on a printed circuit board assembly list.

  • A workaholic can relax and continue to earn income.

    His hybrid mindset says it's not either/or. It's both. He helps an about to be retired workaholic to find the time to relax and enjoy life, while continuing to earn income.

  • Time was wasted and lost hanging from a thread.

    On a backstage project for the launch of a new Target Corporation division, he eliminated a time sucking repetitive task that took multiple minutes and reduced it to seconds.

  • Trade Show becomes lead generation machine.

    His strategic design and implementation of a trade show became not only a profitable business, but also a lead generation machine.


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