Creating Experiential Events and Activities
Growing Together - Providing a Platform for Entrepreneurs (Planners and Suppliers) to Meet, Connect and DO Business.


Meet the savvy and active Event Planners that attend the Minnesota Event Planners EXPO.

Together We Accomplish More!

Synergy Collaborative is...

... a tribe of tribes

... a team of teams

... a group of groups

... a community of communities

... an association of associations

... a membership of memberships




the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.





produced or conducted by two or more parties working together.

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Members Only

The Synergy Collaborative is a "members only" organization and the features and benefits are not accessible to non-members.

Platinum Level

Membership is designed for everyone. The Platinum Level is affordable for most any serious business owner.

100% Guarantee

A 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will be totally satisfied with the results you get. No Contracts.

Affiliate Program

We have an Affiliate Program embedded into our membership for those interested in earning a passive recurring income with us.


Together We Accomplish More!

About the Synergy Collaborative

The Synergy Collaborative is part of the many Synergy Ventures LLC family of properties. We are a members-only community of like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and creatives, working together to succeed.


We help each other be seen, noticed and remembered.


"A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats"


About the Founder

The Synergy Collaborative was conceived and created by long-time entrepreneur and innovator, BRAD "MagicBrad" Gudim.


Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brad has been a self-employed entrepreneur for most all his life. At the young age of 4, he found an interest in magic, as a hobby, which evolved into a full-time career as an entertainer (magician) and then into an Event Producer and Marketing Strategist.


Producer of the Minnesota Event Expo

Who Do We Serve?

We provide Business Owners and Marketers with platforms to meet, connect and DO business.

People Meeting People In Person

Our audience consists of essentially three (3) types of people.


Business Owners, Event Planners and Event Suppliers.


1) - BUSINESS OWNERS / ENTERPRENUERS - Any business professional that would like to leverage in-person events to market and promote a product, service or cause.


2) - EVENT PLANNERS - Certified Meeting Planners (CMPs), Conference Managers, Certified Assoc Execs (CAEs), Tradeshow Exhibit Managers, Business Owners, Reunion Organizers, Wedding Planners, Event Marketing Directors, Fair and Festival Committees, Independent Planners, Tour and Attractions Operators, Public Relations Professionals, etc.


3) - EVENT SUPPLIERS - Activities and Attractions, Ad Specialties, Casinos and Hotels, Gift Baskets / Incentives, Signs and Banners, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Country Clubs, Cruises and Excursions, Entertainers and Speakers, Caterers and Florists, Props and Decor, Talent Agencies, Speakers Bureaus, Equipment Rental, Balloon Decoration, Event Venues, Limousine Services, Modeling Agencies, Photographers, Audio-Visual Rental, Games and Inflatables etc.

Together We Accomplish More!


PLATINUM LEVEL (Amazing Value)

This is the "sweet spot" level. There's some really good stuff here. At the Platinum Level, we get into digital and traditional marketing and promotion of your business, discounted and complimentary offers. Fees waived. Added Perks. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, the use of online tools and platforms, comp exhibit space at trade shows and expos like the Minnesota Event Planners EXPO the Synergy Showcase the EventVendorShowcase and other Synergy Event Marketing LLC events and activities. Also discounted and preferred pricing on accommodations etc.


(The Diamond Level is still in development)


This will include significant additional benefits, greater affiliate commissions, as well as investment opportunities in our Costa Rica Event Venue Project.

MAJOR PERK for our Synergy Collaborative Members is they get complimentary exhibit space at our Expos, Tradeshows and Socials.

Together We Accomplish More

~ We the People ~

Access Multiple Platforms

Your Synergy Collaborative membership gives you access to multiple platforms under the Synergy Ventures umbrella of properties.















  • Costa Rica Events and Accommodations

  • Synergy Retreats

  • Much MUCH MORE coming and evolving. Your input and involvement is welcome.

Our "buffet style" of membership allows you to pick and choose from a selection of features and benefits that perfectly suite your goals, objectives and agenda.

Open Source Design, allows you to create, duplicate and scale.

Who is this for?

Synergy Collaborative membership is available for a wide array of people, but primarily for those that have interest in earning income via the internet.

  • Group Activity Coordinators

  • Event Vendors and Suppliers

  • Coaches and Consultants

  • Event Planning Professionals

  • Teachers and Trainers

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

  • Presenters and Performers

  • Travel and Tour Operators

  • Retreat Planners / Coordinators

  • Lifestyle Design in Career, Finance, Relationship, Spirituality and Wellness

We suggest you try to not limit your thinking. Although it is wise to focus your mind, it is just as wise to have an open mind on more possibility.

Synergy Affiliates Earn Commissions

Become a Synergy Affiliate and you can earn passive income from your participation. We are constantly added new offers to our network.




Our "results-based" model gives us a very high approval rating.

Average Rating


5 Stars


4 Stars


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William "Bo" Young

Affiliate Marketer -

Multiple streams of income.

“I have multiple streams of income because I feel it is risky putting all my eggs in one basket. My membership with the Synergy Collaborative allows me to focus on my portfolio of products and services and then earn passive recurring income as a member as well.”

Sue Michaletz

Owner -

Events are coming back!

“The business of events, hospitality, travel and tourism all took a hit with the Covid situation. However, our membership with the Synergy Collaborative provided us with momentum going with online activity to host "virtual" events and activities to keep our business going.”

Janet Johnson

Social Media Consultant

Social Media is a full-time job.

“Managing multiple social media platforms takes a lot of time.  The Synergy Collaborative helps promote my events to streamline my work load.”

Brad Gudim

Marketing Alchemist

My money works for me.

“I invest in opportunities where my money works for me, rather than me needing to work for my money. The Synergy Collaborative allows me more free-time to focus on what matters most which is time freedom.”

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