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Features & Benefits

There are benefits to being a member of the Synergy Collaborative

  • Strategic Sharing

    When your posts on social media are seen by other members of the collaborative, they will engage and comment raising your ranking.

  • Facebook Groups

    Facebook is big, but it's also saturated and hard to get noticed.. When you join our collaborative, we will engage with your posts and comments.

  • The MagicBrad Show

    Be a guest on The MagicBrad Show. and get more exposure for your offers. Being seen on video will increase trust and result in faster sales. Using StreamYard platform.

  • YouTube Boosts

    Have a YouTube Channel? You should. When you join us, you can network with other members to boost your YouTube engagement.

  • Joint Ventures

    Creating joint ventures and strategic alliances is a very powerful way to reach a new audience. You can partner up with other collaborator members.

  • UpGrade Anytime

    You can upgrade from Beginner to Intermediate or Advanced at any time. You will retain all these features and benefits and take them with you.

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The Intermediate Membership gives you access to everything that is included in the Beginner level Membership and much much more!

  • Paid AD Coops

    Paid ADs can be effective, and expensive. However, when we pool our resources, we can synergistically accelerate our exposure and share the outcome..

  • Synergy Showcase

    A SynergyShowcase will feature you and your business in a "Infomercial Style" Video to get you noticed and get you quality leads. LIMITED DATES

  • Legendary Marketer Traffic Rotator

    This traffic rotator is limited to only SEVEN (7) participants, so it will not saturate.


    NOTE: This offer is ONLY for those that are not yet involved in Legendary Marketer, and want to start with a strategic team.


    Contact BRAD MagicBrad GUDIM

  • Coop YouTube ADs

    As a collaborative, we have strength in numbers and can pool our resources to buy advertising on Sprizzy to promote a common goal.

  • Mastermind with MagicBrad

    It's very helpful to get input from others. MagicBrad is a Marketing Alchemist. Your membership offers access to conversation and consultation with MagicBrad. (Limited only by availability)

  • More Coming Soon

    We are constantly growing and adding to the value of the Synergy Collaborative membership with features and benefits relative to the membership level.


    BRAD MagicBrad GUDIM

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