This video sums up about 55 years of my life in a FIVE MINUTES video.
(I'm older now.)

What's in it for You?

Tradeshows and Events

The Minnesota Event Planners and Suppliers EXPO

Since 1990 the Minnesota Event Planners and Suppliers Expo has been a platform for event planners and event suppliers to meet, connect and DO business. MORE <<

Video Talk Show

The MagicBrad Show

A talk show. An infomercial. A promotional platform. The MagicBrad Show offers business owners a platform to showcase their offerings to an audience specifically targeted to reach their goals and objectives. MORE <<

Be in the Spotlight

The Synergy Showcase

Together we can use the Synergy Showcase to put you in the spotlight and dial in on your ideal prospect for you and your business. MORE <<

Tradeshows and Events


The Synergy Collaborative

The Synergy Collaborative is a decentralized opportunity for people and businesses to raise the awareness and exposure of their presence on the internet and social media. MORE <<

Online Promotion

Social Media

Our online world offers a plethora of "internet real estate" and I've capitalized on much of it. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, ClubHouse and the list goes on and on. MORE <<

Every Month

Synergy First Thursdays

The internet is a crowded place. Staying top of mind is vital to success. Our Synergy First Thursdays provides on-going and recurring exposure for my clients. MORE <<



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